Henry J. Young

Authorial Intent Doesn't Matter

daily_071; brick by brick

Even though I’ve missed a few days, I’ve written more on this blog in seventy days than in the entirety of the three-ish years prior.

Say what you will about the quality, but if anything it’s improved from the movie reviews or essays, or that stint of AfC (don’t go looking for what I’m talking about).

(No, really.)

(I promise, this isn’t one of those sarcastic, hinty parentheticals.)

(I don’t want you to read it.)

No matter how I type those sentences they seem sarcastic, but I am being earnest. Just stay in this series of posts. The fiction isn’t ghastly, but the essays are.


It seems like a platitude, and maybe it is one, but a house only gets built one brick at a time. I’m starting to figure that out with this blog.

Almost to 75. The batting average is rising again.