Henry J. Young

Authorial Intent Doesn't Matter

daily_076; not neistat

I can’t believe he did this for 490 days+ without missing a single day.

He probably lost a decent portion of life on the back end because of his lack of sleep.

But the results are so tempting to chase.

If the vlog somehow missed you, I recommend checking out some of it. You don’t have to watch every episode. But watch some of the highlights.

This blog wasn’t originally going to be daily recommendations, and I’ll probably write some deeper stuff soon. This is just what goes through my brain some days.

be like neistat. Like a ticker track above an old trading room or sports stadium, with little red lights spelling it out.

Then I think “it’s not very neistat-like to try and emulate neistat, is it?”

Or isn’t it?

Who knows. Style is kind of hard to quantify and track.

Just watch the vlog.