Henry J. Young

Authorial Intent Doesn't Matter

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I’m not eating the number 79 for yesterday, because I wrote it yesterday. Published today but written yesterday, day 79.

I passed over my chance to talk about 75 days, mainly because it didn’t feel right when I have missed so many. I know I decided to keep going regardless of perfection, but if I’m being honest it really bothers me. I’ve missed 8 posts, which means I’m 72/80 now. I’m exactly 90% efficient on this blog as of today.

But it’s not 100. And I can’t get back to 100.

I can get within a few decimal places. But I can’t get there.

It drives me crazy. I want to restart and try again.

Every few hours, the thought comes “just quit. do it again but perfect. what’s the point ofevenwritingifyouarentgoingtobeperfecthshsnjehhddejed”

I just have to breathe.

A few years ago I wrote about the 70% rule. I’m well above that margin, but it’s still incredibly dissatisfying to me. I thought of that rule as the key to getting to perfection.

I think I missed the point of the lesson.

Does he think this way too?