Henry J. Young

Authorial Intent Doesn't Matter

daily_086; switchblades and candy

I’m avoiding the content farm that is writing about writing this blog. I’m done. I’m gonna move on now.


No, for real this time.

I love systems. Systems run our lives so we can enjoy them.

Now, you might say “Henry, how can you really say you enjoy your life if you spend so much time trying to perfect it?”

Shut up, Henry. Systems are a good thing.

I have this problem where I catch myself systemizing, and then I have to really question if I’m living life authentically. Like is having my calendar perfectly time blocked really all that authentic? How would it feel for someone to basically put in a meeting request to have lunch with me?

The thing is, they already do! Jobs have just figured out that if you build a system for stuff like this, then people are able to be held accountable for this stuff.

Now, I understand that it would be pretty callous of me to have my wife send me an email every time she wanted time from me, or an Outlook meeting request or whatever.

But that’s why my systems are on ME to upkeep. I have to put that time in the calendar, so that every person gets the respect they deserve.

This is mostly just me blathering on about stuff I’ve already talked about on my old podcast, but I wanted to write a bit about it. Systems are important. I think.

They sometimes make me feel like I’m being ingenuine, but what could be more genuine than me worrying about being ingenuine to people I genuinely care about? Genuine?

I think the word is actually disingenuous. Whoops.